Tar and Grime Gorger


Eco-friendly, potent, and highly versatile solvent replacement, which is natural, safe, non-toxic, and biodegradable. With a powerful fragrance, it is the ideal replacement for hazardous solvents

Description: T & G gorger is an eco-friendly yet more effective degreaser than petroleum distillates but does not contain the hazards associated with butyl or harsh alkaline. It is biodegradable, non-toxic, and considerably less harmful to humans than traditional solvents and degreasers. It has a powerful, highly pleasing scent which smells clean and natural.

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Safer: T & G gorger is a very versatile natural product which can be used in a wide variety of applications. It is extremely safe, non- toxic, biodegradable and more effective than typical harsh caustic or acidic cleaning solutions.

Heavy duty degreasing: T & G gorger is an incredibly effective degreaser for large equipment and trucks, shops, floors, work benches, tools, mechanical repairs, and machinery.

Concrete & floor cleaning: T & G gorger is a highly effective maintenance cleaner for concrete pads, parking complexes and airport runways. The oils and greases that drip from cars can be lifted off concrete and floors. The product is put on the oil spots, which lifts the oil from the surface, and can be absorbed with a solid media such as kitty litter or oil absorptive pads. When using a water dilutable for of this product, use traditional mop and bucket method. It can also be used in small floor scrubbers for removing oil and forklift tire marks, in larger units for taking up tire marks on runways. T & G gorger cleans graffiti off concrete because of its ability to remove paint. Strong enamels and epoxy paints will not usually be removed. T & G gorger can also be used in the removing of tar from various type of surfaces.

Spot & stain removal: T & G gorger can effectively remove ink, oil, grease, paint, tar, bubble gum and asphalt. It is excellent at cleaning and removing ink from rollers and presses.

Adhesive removal: T & G gorger is an excellent product for the removal of adhesives from various substrates. Most contact adhesives will dissolve very quickly; fortunately, it has almost no effect on epoxies which have already cured.

Parts washers & dip baths: In parts washers in most truck and automobile maintenance and repair, this product can be used as a replacement for petroleum derived products. Aside from the health benefits to the workers from working with a much less toxic solvent, our product is a much more effective solution.

Penetrating oil: T & G gorger can be used as a spray on product to loosen bolts and has the ability to wick into tight joints and dissolve hardened greases and oils to assist in the removal of bound nuts and bolts.

Release agent: T & G gorger can be used at various levels for a release agent that is sprayed on beds of tar and asphalt trucks before picking up their loads to facilitate easy unloading. It is an excellent replacement for diesel fuels commonly used in this application that are less suited to be dumped on the ground.

Marine vessels & ships: T & G gorger applications include degreasing diesel engines and bearings, removal of heavy carbon deposits, cleaning of slop hoses, cleaning, and recycling of oil filters for extended life, and general duty ship maintenance. This product should not interfere with oil and water separator sensor systems and is effective in oil and water separators on large shipping vessels since T & G gorger and water separates so quickly. Additionally, it has many environmental advantages compared to other solvent-based systems. This product can be employed undiluted in 24-hour dips to remove heavy carbon deposits on engine parts and valves. The cleaner can be reused for several applications. Various dilutions can perform various jobs:
– 1:10 dilution to clean oily water separator filters.
– 1:20 dilution for slop hoses to be reused.
– 1:50 dilution for general purpose cleaning around the ship.

Cleaner for printing inks: T & G gorger is excellent at cleaning and removing ink from rollers and presses, but sometimes may not be cost effective against harmful straight cheap solvent systems, rather where eco-friendliness is desired over cost. If used properly and in the right formulation it can be more effective and approach economic equality with less expensive systems. For most oil and solvent based inks, this product is recommended as it will clean the ink from the rollers faster and with less solvent use than with a petroleum product. Drying time and the interval between cleaning and running are similar. Some inks especially the water and soy-based types can be easily cleaned.
Tar & asphalt grading: T & G gorger is excellent is great for use in tar and asphalt grading. When tar and asphalt is being laid, every so many kilograms must be tested to ensure that the proper mix of aggregate sizes and oils are being used. This product is highly effective in the asphalt extraction methodology.

Solvent replacement: T & G gorger can replace wide variety of products, including mineral spirits, methyl ethyl ketone, acetone, toluene, glycol ethers and of course fluorinated and chlorinated organic solvents. As with most organic solvents, this product is water soluble, so it can be used in the typical water separation units. It is specially formulated to be readily water soluble, and it is ideal for high pressure spray systems. With a kb value of 67, this product has solubility properties close to that of cfc’s, indicating that this is a much better solvent than a typical mineral spirit. It is a direct substitute for most other organic solvents.

Solvent carrier: Most paint and adhesive formulations use some sort of carrier solvent to disperse the product over the intended area. In many cases the product can be used as the carrier instead of mineral spirits or other petroleum-based compounds, often with a resulting reduction in the volume of solvents used. The drying times are generally not affected.

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