Elementum18+ Soft Surface Protector


Soft Surface Protector with G-Cide

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Elementum Soft Surfaces Protector: Textile & Paper coating protects almost any type of textiles from water, dirt, contamination, and staining – whilst remaining totally invisible. It will not affect the appearance, breathability, colour, and texture of the fabric; and of course, these characteristics ensure that the fabric is easy to maintain. The coating is highly water-resistant and suitable for application to fabrics used in “outdoor” environments. Coated fabrics become resistant to coffee, oils, and general contamination.

Examples of Use:
• Clothing
• Household textiles (pillows, furniture), carpets
• Suede/leather, woodetc.
• Paper, cardboard
Product characteristics:
• Strong hydrophobic and oleophobic protection
• Strong non-stick properties
• Food safe (inert)
• Protection of fibres from the infiltration and subsequent bonding of soiling agents
Further properties:
• Invisible to the human eye (coating thickness: 100-150 nm)
• Permanent (UV-stable), very resistant to abrasion
• No change to the hand / texture of the fabric
• Breathable
• Simple application (do-it-yourself)

Application: Fabrics are presented for coating in a range of “conditions”, some may have been “bleach washed” to create a worn appearance and others may have been very lightly coated with starch at the factory to make the fabric look better on store hanger. To offer optimized performance from our coating all such residue must be completely removed from the fabric before coating. If the coating is applied correctly to a completely clean fabric, we can offer between 5 and 40 (Polyester based fabrics provide enhanced wash ability when coated) short, machine wash cycles at 30°C. Gentle hand or soak washing will always offer less impact to the coating, thus prolonging the life of the coating. Simple, do-it-yourself application procedure makes it suitable for end-consumers.

1. Manual: Application by fully moistening textiles (spraying or dipping)
2. Industrial: Application using the standard systems

This SiO²-coating becomes completely bonded / cured after 24 hours. The easy-clean effect should only be tested after this curing period. Very heavy textiles and heavy carpets may take slightly longer to dry in some environments.
Storage Stability: Unopened original containers can be stored for at least 2 years.
Recommended storage- and transport temperature: +3 to 30°C
Consumption: Manual + Industrial: Coating offers between 25 and 100 ml/m², depending on absorbency of the substrate. An estimated quantity of approx. 10ml/m² per mm of materials’s thickness is a rough guide for standard fabrics.


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