Elementum17+ Hard Surface Protector


Hard Surface Protector with G-Cide

What are Elementum Heat Reflect and Protect Paint against elements? It is a water-borne combination of high-performance acrylics, aerogel and additives which produces a non-flammable tough yet flexible coating film. Elementum contains aerogel that is a unique product that block sunrays and UV and a non-flammable additive making it an excellent insulation coating.

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It is a revolutionary paint matrix which contains highly reflective and massively durable heat reflective platelets and silica microspheres.
The paint matrix creates a solvent free, water repellent, yet breathable “skin”.
Skin? Just like human skin the layer is flexible, water repellent, breathable, anti-soiling and it allows the building to moderate temperature.
Solvent free composite. Contains microscopic Silica Spheres and Micro reflectors enabling a property that have a block to emissivity.
Highly elastic, approx. 150%, buildings are like living organisms they breathe, move, and are exposed to harsh elements.
Elementum keeps the wall and roofs of a building dry , therefore preventing heat loss through thermal conduction and evaporative cooling .The reflective characteristics of the paint significantly reduces heat gain from solar warming in summertime but will keep heat in in winter. Both internal and exterior walls can be coated. Paints are available in any colour.

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