Cistern Blocks


Water saving highly concentrated probiotic cistern block. Urinate up to 10 times without needing to flush.

Green Probiotic Power: Atom8 Cistern blocks are highly intelligent. They immediately analyse their intended target and quickly secrete the precise type and massive concentrations of digestive enzymes. The target is permanently broken down into essentially carbon dioxide and water. Through the process of Competitive Exclusion, our probiotics ensure a long-term and much healthier environment is created. Cultivated from South African soils and all locally manufactured. Ecozyme probiotics have been conclusively proven to save money over even harsh chemicals.

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Product Benefits:
• Save thousands of litres of water monthly.
• Superior odour control properties
• Keep toilets clean.
• Mild descaling action
• Benefits septic and plumbing system
• Phosphate free
• Powerful fragrance system
• Non-staining blue water colour
• Eco-friendly formulation
• Industry leading 9 enzyme system.
• Super high foaming action
• Happens automatically with every flush.
• Lasts up to 1 month.
Applications In Industry:
Ecozyme bio-enzyme and eco- friendly chemical product are widely used by major blue-chip companies per key industry in South Africa and for global export.
Some key industries for our bio-enzymes:
• Agriculture
• Automotive
• Building
• Cleaning
• Construction
• Commercial
• Distributors
• Engineering
• Food & Beverage
• Housekeeping
• Hygiene
• Industrial
• Kitchens
• Laundry
• Marine
• Remediation
• Water Treatment

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