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Revolutionary bio-enzyme high performance, extra foaming wash and wax shampoo for cleaning motor cars, trucks and trains which digests oils and hydrocarbons to address C.O.D. water effluent discharge for massive monthly savings.

Description: Car Wash and Wax is an eco-friendly bio-enzyme, high foaming special formula wash and wax product for cleaning motor vehicles, busses, trucks, trains and more. Untreated oil run off from vehicle washing is a huge problem for the environment, and fines from governmental water departments can be severe. Car Wash and Wax is completely unique in that it is formulated with bio-enzymes to digest hydrocarbon effluent in sumps and drains to turn waste oils into water and carbon dioxide, solving all C.O.D. effluent discharge problems while avoiding costly fines.

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Features and Benefits: Car Wash and Wax is extremely simple and effective to use and is designed to easily remove vestiges of grease and traffic film that have become engrained wit particulate soils, in a way that is easy to clean and requires little mechanical assistance, saving the vehicle’s topcoat from abrasion. It leaves a well-drained surface after rinsing, while promoting sheeting off, of water from the surface which minimizes streaking. Car Wash and Wax simply cleans better. Bioremediation is the process of using bio-enzymes to clean far more effectively than solvent based cleaners while converting these hazardous oils and greases into carbon dioxide and water.

Massive Cost Savings: Car Wash and Wax provides enormous multiple factor cost savings to organisations. It cleans quicker and more effectively, saving time and labour. It addresses water effluent C.O.D. discharge requirements by correcting waste water pollution, where solvent cleaners worsen the problem, and increase fines payable. It significantly prolongs engine and vehicle component lifespan. It’s a well-known fact that solvent based cleaners cause long term havoc with expensive rubber and plastic components in engines and on vehicles. The water-based formula in Car Wash and Wax solves this problem. Solvent cleaners also fade signwriting on trucks, busses and vehicles. This is another hidden cost to companies. Car Wash and Wax avoids this problem.

International Benchmark: A prestigious international petrochemical company presented their current globally used microbe remediating product to performance challenge the indigenous microbes in Car Wash and Wax. We showed an identical Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon (T.P.H) degradation, while costing a fraction of the price. An unexpected result showed Car Wash and Wax microbes degrading waste at a staggering 20% faster rate with profound further cost, performance and environmental advantages.

Enzyme Cleaning Explained: Car Wash and Wax microbes are so powerful that they quickly remove even the heaviest build-ups of oil, grease and grime from the toughest environments, outperforming even the harshest solvent based cleaners. Aerozyme microbes rapidly secrete massive concentrations of digestive enzymes to permanently convert hydrocarbons into water and carbon dioxide, in an ongoing and repeating process.
Use and dilutions: Car Wash and Wax should be diluted at between 1:150 and 1:250 depending on the condition of soiling. To help speed up remediation in oil sumps and effluent run-off waterways, in conjuction with Car Wash and Wax, a potent bio-enzyme degreaser for engines, wheels and under carriages. Avoid using with solvents and harsh chemicals. These chemicals can kill the good bacteria and enzymes generated by the Car Wash and Wax range negating their effect in oil remediation.

• Busses
• Trucks
• Trains
• Cars
• Motor Bikes
• Mines
• Taxis and much more.
Features of Product:
• Remediates hydrocarbons into water and carbon dioxide.
• Easily applied with buckets, brooms, mops and high-pressure spraying equipment.
• Easily removes dirt, oil and grease from surfaces.
• Compatible with all type of oil/water cleaning systems.
• Water based.
• Leaves a protective layer.
• Non-toxic, non-corrosive.
• Reduces disposal costs.
Packaging, Shelf Life, Storage: Stable for 12 months at ambient temperatures, out of direct sunlight. Available in 1, 5 and 25 litre containers. Super concentrate available on demand, for simple self-manufacturing while saving greatly on shipping costs.

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