Animal Litter Gorger


Chemical-free non-corrosive poultry litter treatment for incredible ammonia, pathogen, and odour control. Increases poultry health by forming a continuously working protective biological barrier.

Product Features:
• Non-corrosive
• Keeps litter dry.
• Reduce mortality rates.
• Reduces odour.
• Maintain body-heat.
• Reduce litter bugs.
• Reduce condemnation rate.
• Increase feed conversion.
• Increase flock weight.
• Binds ammonia.
• Produces clean air.
• Lowers utility costs.
• Lowers exhaust fan costs.
• Reduces caking in litter.
• Non-toxic.
• Convenient liquid form.
• Easy to apply liquid.
• Less shavings required.
• Applied with conventional spray equipment.
Packaging and storage:
Packaged in 1L, 5L, 25L drums, Store in a cool, dry place. Shelf life valid for 1 year.



Competitive Exclusion:
Health Challenge: Pathogens and their detrimental effects in the poultry environment is well documented. They are extremely dangerous, and very difficult as well as costly to control. They naturally develop resistance and immunity to substances that harm or kill them, in other words harsh chemicals, disinfectant, sanitizers and antibiotics. They build up immunity and resistance over time and become harder to kill the next time. In this vicious unstoppable cycle extra harsh chemicals and more powerful and costly disinfectants are always needed.
Solution: bio-enzymes are safe and good probiotics which naturally occur in nature and are not genetically modified in a way. In every few drops of product, there are tens of millions to billions of good bacteria. When they are applied they quickly go in search of food and space, and rapidly outcompete the bad bacteria for their food source. Quickly Aerozyme bacteria keep on reproducing at an exponential rate and completely colonize the area or system. Soon the bad pathogens starve off and die. An incredible fact is that where conventional disinfectants usually stop working after application, the Aerozyme process can continue foe hours, days and more after application, so the effect of a healthy flock environment is long and lasting.
Corrosion of expensive equipment is a serious problem that ruins the profit of poultry operations. Corrosion can happen anywhere in a poultry operation, and current practices in boiler operations only increase the opportunity for corrosion. Corrosion is simply the deterioration of materials through a chemical reaction with the environmental condition. Perhaps the most noted corrosion occurs with the rusting of iron or other such metals. Corrosion is not confined to just metal s it affects plastics, concrete, wood, and other materials. The single most deconstructive chemical created by a poultry operation is ammonia. Ammonia will always be produced in a poultry house as it is a reaction between manure, moisture ,and microbiology. Typically, the higher the humidity of a poultry house the greater ammonia levels become. Ammonia is well noted for its detriments to the welfare of the animals, but we rarely hear about this deterioration of metal components in a poultry house. This deterioration includes valuable fasteners, heaters, walls, ceilings, and other metal object. Many poultry farmers combat ammonia by applying an acid product for poultry litter treatment. The purpose of acid products is to lower the Ph value of the litter. The ends of the spectrum on the Ph scale are ammonia and acid. A very rudimentary thought would be “where there is ammonia let’s apply acid to make it neutral.” This solution has not been thought out. It would take as much acid as ammonia to make a fair play and truly offset the ammonia. That would be extremely expensive not to mention dangerous. Use such products lead to elevated acid levels that in turn create an even more corrosive poultry house environment. Products that convert into acid materials lead to groundwater contamination. ATOM8 Animal Litter Gorger is completely safe and is not corrosive. It’s made up of entirely organic constituents and poses no problem when contacted with skin of animals. By implementing a complete poultry management system with ATOM8 Animal Litter Gorger a farmer is extending the life of his equipment among other things and improving his return on investment.
Long Term Ammonia Control:
For long term ammonia control ,confidential wisdom has been to spread power acid products into the poultry house. The logic is that by making the pH level of the litter low enough, if it’s more acidic, than the ammonium can’t in turn convert into ammonia gas. The flawed rationale in this instance is that the ammonium is still there. The acid doesn’t do away with it. it just traps the ammonium and delays the inevitable problem. Eventually, the poultry manure itself will raise the pH, and the ammonia problem will return. ATOM8 Animal Litter Gorger works completely differently to acid treatments. Aerozyme beneficial bacteria give the natural process a head start which break the ammonium down faster than it normally would. A specific strain of bacteria is present to bind the ammonium with nitrogen to make ammonium nitrate which is conventional plant fertilizer. Once bound up as fertilizer, it can’t change back, and ammonia is permanently eliminated. Competitive exclusion takes time for a colony to establish, and after a few days ammonia levels begin to plummet and one will continue to see low ammonia levels. When dealing with a poultry house that has been previously treated with ATOM8 Animal Litter Gorger ammonia levels will be much lower than a
house treated with acid and adding a fresh application ATOM8 Animal Litter Gorger drastically improves the situation. With repeated use of ATOM8 Animal Litter gorger, ammonia problems are nearly entirely eliminated.
Easy Liquid Application:
ATOM8 Animal Litter Gorger is an easy to apply liquid treatment. Simply mix our highly concentrated formula with water in a clean pressure sprayer and apply thoroughly on the poultry house floor. Conventional dry bulk products are difficult to handle and are labour intensive. In the time what typically takes a few workers to cover a brood section of a broiler house, an entire house can be covered by one person with ATOM8 Animal Litter Gorger. There is also no need for P.P.E.’s (Personal Protective Equipment).
Application Instructions:
Step 1: Seal the house after the flock is removed to maintain a higher temperature. Microorganisms are more effective in warmer temperatures. Ventilate before re-entry for service, or if moisture begins to condensate in the house.
Step2: immediately after de-caking, and before adding new bedding, apply ATOM8 Animal Litter Gorger at the rate of 1 Litre per 400 square meters. For each litre of concentrate dilute with nine litres of water. After diluting wait 30 minutes before applying. A clean pressure sprayer which has not been previously contaminated by disinfectants must be used. Evenly cover the entire surface of the litter bed with spray. Ideally seal the house for 24 hours after application. Follow the standard ventilation program before and after bird placement.

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1L, 5L, 25L


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