Back Ground

Dry Tech Aerogels having a supreme knowledge of aerogels and its attributes. Dry Tech Aerogels is one of the world’s authorities in the manufacturing and application of aerogels and enhancing of
special natural pigments. With this knowledge we designed a method to infuse aerogels into our pigments using the latest aerogel technology. Our natural pigments are mined in the Albertinia area by Superfine Pigments at an ancient Bushman mining area.

Advantages of our Enhanced Natural Pigments
• Hydrophobic, no water take-up as pigment or after coated
• durability can increase the expiry date
• excellent wear resistance
• excellent encapsulator of biocides and release over a much longer period (one gram
of aerogels have an internal surface area of 800 – 1 000m² and can therefor absorb
more and release over a very long period)
• anti-soiling
• anti-algae
• no electro static interactions
• no build-up of heat in storage
• no colour fading making blue to stay the colour blue that was originally applied
• flame retardancy, aerogels world’s best insulation material
• will not absorb water or moisture under high humidity
• silica aerogels is also a 100% green product made from silica sand and is one of
mother earth’s most abundant raw materials
• Together with this technology we also use original natural San pigments. So looking
from a green prospective our coating is an absolute green product.
• Aerogels make our pigments to be hygienic.
• Aerogels will encapsulate CO₂ and therefor a very good combat to the world’s
greenhouse situation.
• excellent adhesion
• No harmful side effects
Colors and Prices Natural Pigments (Any colour can be mixed according to client needs)