In times of increasing world population and with the need of increased production rates the market for seed
treatment is increasing continuously, especially for fungicides. It is therefore important to improve the
harvests by for instance more efficient seed treatment in a more environmentally friendly method than the
previous used methods. The seed treatment should be similar for all kinds of seeds.

Not that much research has been done in the area of seed coating application yet and therefore it is important
to focus on the improvement of seed treatment formulations with the aim to achieve formulations which are
effective and have a low impact on the environment to guarantee sustainability. As additives polymer
celluloses and silica aerogels are promising candidate’s seed coatings which will improve the adhesion and
homogeneous distribution of the agrochemical active on seeds and will reduce dust formation. It is important
that seed coating does not influence the activity of the active ingredient and the process of germination.

Dry Tech Aerogels having a supreme knowledge of aerogels and its attributes and is one the worlds authorities in the manufacturing and application of aerogels and making of special coatings. With these knowledge we
designed a seed film coating and add it to their range of products, using the latest aerogel technology
combined with the ancient San pigments and polymer cellulose.

In order to develop a seed treatment formulation the surface of seeds have to be understood and the
properties of the formulations have to be connected to the surface. It is therefore important for DTA to have
developed a matching coating for all kinds of seeds. We offer pigments which can be optimized to your
manufacturing process to obtain the best compatibility and value. Once we gain a basic knowledge of your
application, we can provide the perfect product to meet your needs. We can use your preferred biocide and add
it into our aerogels seed coating.


Advantages to Using Our Seed Coating Colorants

  • Hydrophobic, no water take-up after coated
  • High wear resistance, durability increase the expiry date
  • excellent encapsulator of biocides and release over a much longer period (one gram of aerogels have
    an internal surface area of 800 – 1 000m² and can therefor absorb more and release over a very long
  • anti-soiling, anti-algae, no fungicides can’t grow on it
  • no electro static interactions
  • no build-up of heat in storage
  • no colour fading, block to UV, making blue to stay the colour blue that was originally applied
    flame retardancy, aerogels world’s best insulation material
  • will not absorb water or moisture under high humidity
  • allow the germination of seed not to be suppressed
  • the film will be breathable and will allow internal moisture to be released
  • silica aerogels is also a 100% green product made from silica sand and is one of mother earth’s most
    abundant raw materials
  • with this aerogel technology we also use original natural San pigments. So looking from a green
    prospective our coating is an absolute green product.
  • very little dust, no pollution
  • biocides is encapsulated in aerogels, release over time increasing expiry date
  • aerogels will encapsulate CO₂ an important building block for plant growth
  • excellent adhesion
  • No harmful side effects

Table DTA of San Pigment Colours (Proudly South African)